Practice Test Question- Attacker Types

Practice Test Question- Attacker Types

Practice Test Question- Attacker Types

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Joe recently downloaded a vulnerability scanning tool and is using it to scan the networks of organizations located near him. His plan, if he finds vulnerabilities, is to approach the organization with the information and explain how they can correct the issue in a hope to generate goodwill and future consulting business. What term best describes Joe?

A. White hat

B. Black hat

C. Grey hat

D. Striped hat

Correct Answer: C

Joe is conducting network vulnerability scanning without permission. Therefore, his activity does not qualify as white hat hacking and may be illegal. However, he does not have malicious intent, so he is not a black hat either. Striped hat attackers are not an attacker type, so we can eliminate that option. Joe fits into the category of a grey hat hacker, one who does not have permission but also does not have malicious intent.

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