Practice Test Question-Backups

Practice Test Question-Backups

Practice Test Question-Backups

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Candace is designing a backup strategy for her organization’s file server. She would like to perform a backup every weekday that has the smallest possible storage footprint. What type of backup should she perform?

A. Incremental Backup

B. Full Backup

C. Differential Backup

D. Transaction Log Backup

Correct Answer: A

A differential backup would back up all data modified since the last full backup, which would be a substantial amount, making it an incorrect answer. The full backup would include all information on the server. Transaction log backups are specifically designed to support database servers and would not be effective on a file server, which isnt what we are looking for here. Incremental backups provide the option that includes the smallest amount of data. In this case, that would be only the data modified since the most recent incremental backup, making it our correct answer.

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