Practice Test Question-Cloud Vendor Diversity

Practice Test Question-Cloud Vendor Diversity

Practice Test Question-Cloud Vendor Diversity

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Tom is considering an intrusion prevention solution for his IaaS environment and is concerned about vendor diversity and resiliency. Which one of the following approaches would best allow him to continue outsourcing IPS work while meeting his goals?

A. Third-party on-premises IPS

B. Open source IPS built in an IaaS environment

C. IPS solution provided by his IaaS vendor

D. Third-party cloud IPS

Correct Answer: D

Any one of these solutions is capable of providing IPS service for Tom’s environment. However, many of them fail to meet other goals. Building an open-source IPS or using an on-premises solution would not meet his goal of outsourcing the IPS. Using the IaaS vendor’s IPS capability would not meet his goal of vendor diversity. Therefore, the best solution for Tom is a third-party cloud IPS solution

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