Practice Test Question- Disaster Recovery Tests

Practice Test Question- Disaster Recovery Tests

Practice Test Question- Disaster Recovery Tests

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Glenda would like to conduct a disaster recovery test and is seeking a test that will allow a review of the plan with no disruption to normal information system activities and as minimal a commitment of time as possible. What type of test should she choose?

A. Tabletop Exercise

B. Parallel Test

C. Full Interruption Test

D. Checklist Review

Correct Answer: D

During a tabletop exercise, team members come together and walk through a scenario without making any changes to information systems, so that is not our correct answer here. In a parallel test, the team actually activates the disaster recovery site for testing, but the primary site remains operation-al, which is not what we are looking for. The checklist review is the least disruptive type of disaster recovery test. During a checklist review, team members each review the contents of their disaster recovery checklists on their own and suggest any necessary changes. During a full interruption test, the team takes down the primary site and confirms that the disaster recovery site is capable of handling regular operations. The full interruption test is the most thorough test but also the most disruptive, making it another incorrect answer.

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