Practice Test Question- Mobile Device Security

Practice Test Question- Mobile Device Security

Practice Test Question- Mobile Device Security

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Rory is reviewing an iPhone used by a former employee and finds that the device contains apps that were not purchased through the app store. These apps allow the modification of security controls on the device. What most likely occurred on this device?

A. Geofencing

B. Carrier Unlocking

C. Tethering

D. Jail Breaking

Correct Answer: D

Apple iOS devices are only able to install apps from the Apple App Store. Users may use jailbreaking techniques to install their own versions of the operating system on their devices that allows the installation of unapproved apps. Geofencing is a technique that triggers notifications or events when a phone enters or leaves a defined geographic area. Carrier unlocking allows a phone to be moved between cellular service providers. Tethering allows phone users to use the phone as a mobile hotspot for laptops and other devices

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