Practice Test Question- Cloud Service Offerings

Practice Test Question- Cloud Service Offerings

Practice Test Question- Cloud Service Offerings

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Ryan is reviewing the design of a new service that will use several offerings from a cloud service provider. The design depends upon some unique features offered only by that provider. What should concern Ryan the most about the fact that these service features are not available from other providers?
A. Vendor Lock-In
B. Interoperability
C. Auditability
D. Confidentiality

Correct Answer: A

Interoperability is the concern that services should be able to integrate and work well together. There is no indication that interoperability is at risk in this scenario. There is also no indication that the use of this vendor creates any special auditability or confidentiality concerns, making both of those options incorrect. The greatest risk in this situation is that the service offering will depend upon features provided only by a single vendor, preventing Ryan’s organization from moving to a different vendor and lock-ing them into their current provider.

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