Practice Test Question-Control Categories

Practice Test Question-Control Categories

Practice Test Question-Control Categories

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Naomi is installing a new endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for her organization. What category of control is she installing?

A. Technical
B. Operational
C. Managerial
D. Detective

Correct Answer: A

There are three categories of security control: technical, operational, and managerial. Technical controls enforce CIA in the digital space. Naomi is installing an EDR system that uses technology to detect and respond to security incidents. Therefore, the EDR system is best described as a technical control. Operational controls include the processes that we put in place to manage technology in a secure manner. So this is not the correct answer. Managerial controls are procedural mechanisms that focus on the mechanics of the risk management process. So this is not the correct answer either. Security controls also come in types such as: preventive, detective, corrective, deterrent, physical, and compensating controls. We are looking for control categories, not control types. So detective is another incorrect answer.

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