Practice Test Question: Malware

Practice Test Question: Malware

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Noah is a cybersecurity analyst for a mid-sized business. He is working with the user of a machine that is exhibiting suspicious behavior. The anomalous activity began immediately after the user downloaded and installed software from the Internet and Noah suspects that it contained malware hidden inside of its advertised functionality. What term best describes the malware in this situation?


A. Trojan horse
B. Virus
C. Worm
D. Logic bomb


Correct Answer: A


From the description provided, we have sufficient information to identify this as a Trojan horse. Trojans are a type of malware that disguise themselves as a benign application, such as a game, but then carry a malicious payload.


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  • Tyrone Jackson
    Posted at 21:05h, 03 July Reply

    Thank you for the practice test question, I felt good about the fact that I understood the question and could follow the scenario.

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