Practice Test Question: Physical Access Control

Practice Test Question: Physical Access Control

Practice Test Question: Physical Access Control

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Brian is the physical security official for a data center hosting organization. While entering the building this morning, he noticed that one employee used his badge to enter the building and then held the door open for two other employees. Which one of the following situations occurred?

A. Dumpster diving
B. Piggybacking
C. Impersonation
D. Shoulder surfing

Correct Answer: B.

This is a classic example of a piggybacking attack where one person enters a physical facility and then holds the door open for others to enter without requiring that they also use the access control system. In a dumpster diving attack, individuals rummage through the trash searching for sensitive information. In a shoulder surfing attack, the perpetrator looks over the shoulder of an individual while they use a computer. There is no sign that the individuals entering the building without authenticating were making false claims of identity, so there is no evidence of an impersonation attack.

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