Practice Test Question-Risk Analysis

Practice Test Question-Risk Analysis

Practice Test Question-Risk Analysis

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Domer Industries is conducting a risk analysis of the risk of an earthquake damaging their data center. The data center is valued at $10 million and seismologists expect that a serious earthquake will damage 75% of the facility once every 50 years. In this scenario, what is the annualized loss expectancy?

A. $7,500,000
B. $150,000
C. $5,625,000
D. $10,000,000

Correct Answer: B

In this scenario, the annualized rate of occurrence (ARO) is once every 50 years, or a 0.02 ARO on an annual basis. The asset value (AV) is $10,000,000 and the exposure factor (EF) is 75%, resulting in a single loss expectancy (SLE) of $7,500,000. The annualized loss expectancy (ALE) is computed by multiplying the SLE by the ARO to get $150,000.

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