Practice Test Question: Wireless Attacks

Practice Test Question: Wireless Attacks

Practice Test Question: Wireless Attacks

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Kelly detected an attack on her network where the attacker used aircrack-ng to create a wireless network bearing her company’s SSID. The attacker then boosted the power of that access point so that it was the strongest signal in an executive office area, prompting executive devices to connect to it. What type of attack took place?


A. Evil twin
B. Jamming
C. Bluesnarfing


Correct Answer: A


In this attack, the perpetrator created a false wireless network, otherwise known as an evil twin. Although the attacker boosted the power of the signal to make the evil twin signal stronger than other signals, there is no indication of attempts to jam signals from legitimate access points. There is no indication in the scenario that Bluetooth or WPS technology was involved.


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